April 2nd: Day 2!

Have a Date with your Character

Did you have fun digging through family secrets yesterday? And how did your free write go? Did you pinpoint a character you want to work with? I sure did! And as much as I want to hop into a full blown relationship with that character and write his life story, I have to take it slow. A first date, perhaps?

Take today and muse, Homer-style. Come up with questions to ask that character, and really dive into their personality to see how they would answer them. The point of this exercise is to get to know the character through and through. You may not know where your piece will take your new character, and so you must be prepared to count on them to act within their true selves.

Tina Fey, on the set of “Mean Girls,” once said that she knew everything about each of the characters down to what their family used to call them when they were babies. Silly, right, since they’re not real people? Wrong. You are creating real people on the page for the audience. The outcome for Tina Fey was a stellar comedy with deep, incredibly consistent characters.

I have come up with a few questions to help you and your character get to talkin’!

1. What is your favorite color? And why? What relationship have you had with that color?
2. You’re with a group of friends – some you like, some you dislike greatly – and they jump off a cliff. Do you do the same?
3. What was your mom like?
4. Tell me about your childhood bedroom?
5. What was your favorite class in school? Tell me about the experience of going there every day.

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