Day 3: 11 Days left before our deadline, Writers!

ihaveastory_4Date Night Continued. 

So, do you remember that awful movie, “Date Night”? The one with Tina Fey and Steve Carell? (I must be in a Tina Fey mood, since I’ve mentioned her twice in two days – her book “Bossy Pants” is great; a recommended read!) The concept of “Date Night” is pretty simple: two predictable characters get into some unpredictable situation, and as an audience, we get to watch them stretch and contort to try to handle the situation within the means of their character. It doesn’t mean they come out of the situation the same as they were before. At the end of the movie, the characters were free and had returned to the core of their personalities.

So, yesterday you thought through your character. You had your date night. At this point you know their back story, you know their favorite color, their hopes and dreams, their current reality, their fears, their likes and dislikes. Today, you’re going to test what you know.

Put your character through an unpredictable situation. Maybe they’re stuck in an airport? Perhaps they got on a bus, fell asleep, and ended up at an unknown destination? Don’t feel any pressure to put this situation into your final piece. Just throw them through hoops and see how they perform. Hopefully, at the end, they will come out free and fresh, centered at the core of who they really are.

Have fun!

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