Day 4: 10 Days Remaining!

ihaveastory_1 Outlining and Diagraming.

How did yesterday go? Are your poor characters worn out from being trapped in an Arabian city, or whatever stressful situation you chose to put them in? Good!

Today is a day for you to reflect not on the character you will be working with, but the story you will be telling. Some writers find it is easiest to jump into a piece and let the creative juices flow.
Some, however, find it better to step back and look at the entire picture, then dive into little pools of the whole story. Either way, today’s exercise will help you organize your thoughts, encouraging you to create the best piece possible.

Today, take thirty minutes and first, write a list of things you want to accomplish in your piece. What common human aspect are you trying to touch upon? What is your goal with this piece? What events are happening? What do those events mean to your character?

Next, draw it out. List form, picture form, railroad form, hamburger-syle, hotdog-style, whatever! This is your own personal web of action. This will help you figure out what themes you want to chase, and how the goals of your story fit in with the movement of the work.

Remember, there is no correct way to do this. Just let the mind vomit transform itself on the page however you feel most comfortable.

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