Day 9: 5 days left!

How was that?

Whew! Have you come out of your writing coma? I know I have! I needed a little fresh air! But now you can feel comfort because everything is out on the page and you have a really great rough draft! Just in time for some killer revision process before 13th Floor Magazine’s deadline on April 14th!

Today, after such a long weekend of writing your story, take a break! Go to the park, go shopping, go do other homework, watch television … anything to get your mind distanced from your piece. But be sure to do a little something before you go to bed:
Pull out your journal or notebook from your bedside table and muse on these three questions:

1. What is the goal of my piece?
2. What am I trying to tell my audience?
3. What aspect of the human condition am I trying to touch upon?

These are the questions we explored before you wrote the piece. Now, reexplore them after you’ve written your draft to reground yourself in the very core of the story.

Tomorrow we start revising!

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