Prose Slam Winners to be Published in 13th Floor Magazine


From left to right: Alexandria, Chyna, Andy, and Jennifer

Wednesday night was the bi-annual Prose Slam, held at The Pizza Shoppe Collective in Benson (yum!) and hosted by Writer’s Workshop faculty Lisa Sandlin and Sarah Mason. Judges were Writer’s Workshop graduates. We had a great turnout, and 4 winners who will be published in the upcoming premier issue of 13th Floor Magazine! Everyone did an amazing job reading, and I didn’t envy the judges having to choose between them all to select a winner. Here are the official results:

4th Place: Jennifer Hickey

3rd Place: Chyna Jedlicka

2nd Place: Andy Oermon

1st Place: Alexandria Hodge


1st Place winner Alexandria Hodge

We will also be publishing some of the winning pieces here on, so be sure to watch throughout the summer. The Prose Slam is held once a semester in the spring and fall, and offers a cash prize to the top 3 winners. The first place winner also gets their picture in a place of honor in the Writer’s Workshop department. Enter this fall and you, too, could be a winning slammer!

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