Sizzlin’ Summer Writing Prompt #1

writerstoolboxSummer is a great chance to relax, but don’t let it keep you from honing your craft. Once we publish Issue #1, there will be Issue #2, #3, and beyond, and we will be counting on you for lots of great submissions!

To keep you motivated, we will be publishing writing prompts. All writing prompts are taken from The Writer’s Toolbox by Jamie Cat Callan, a great little kit to spark your creativity when you’re feeling blocked.

How this works: I will use the toolbox to identify a protagonist, his or her goal, an obstacle to that goal, and an action the protagonist takes to achieve the goal. I’ll also post an extra credit sensory detail for you to use in your story in some way. Use your imagination to build a story around these elements, and post your results in the comments section so we can all be wowed by your creativity!

Sizzlin’ Summer Writing Prompt #1: Bill, the paleoclimatologist (protagonist), wants to know God (goal), but a Starbucks barista is keeping him from this dream (obstacle). To achieve his goal, Bill gets special training (action).

Extra Credit Sensory Detail: the whine of a lost dog


  1. Oh my goodness. Well, I am going to be working on this one for awhile. This is an awesome prompt. Hopefully I’ll get something going and post it back on here! Good luck to everyone!

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