Sizzlin’ Summer Writing Prompt #2


Did you get some juices flowing from the first prompt? Be sure to share some or all of your results in the comments below, then polish it and send it in for Issue #2!

Let’s keep the energy flowing! Remember, all writing prompts are taken from The Writer’s Toolbox by Jamie Cat Callan, a great little kit to spark your creativity when you’re feeling blocked.

How this works: I will use the toolbox to identify a protagonist, his or her goal, an obstacle to that goal, and an action the protagonist takes to achieve the goal. I’ll also post an extra credit sensory detail for you to use in your story in some way. Use your imagination to build a story around these elements, and post your results in the comments section so we can all be wowed by your creativity!

Sizzlin’ Summer Writing Prompt #2: Mother (protagonist), wants to be young again (goal), but Joy, from the rock band, is keeping her from this dream (obstacle). To achieve her goal, takes up stalking (action).

Extra Credit Sensory Detail: November in Cincinnati

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