Great Feedback at the Involvement Fair!

typewriter1Last week at the Student Involvement Fair, we received a number of people interested in learning more about 13th Floor Magazine, and some who were interested in joining our team.  We couldn’t be more excited about such positive feedback!  The continued growth and support of this literary magazine has been made possible not only by our dedicated staff members, but to all of our readers, sponsors, and contributors.   It’s inspiring to see the passion for campus involvement at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, a passion that will have considerable value even after the chapter on the college years comes to an end.

That being said, we love seeing our peers with literary talent shine beyond the classroom.  There are plenty of ways to get involved with writing all around Omaha.  For example, this coming Saturday, February 15th, the Joslyn Art Museum will host Poetry Out Loud.  This is a free event showcasing high school student works of poetry from different parts of Nebraska.  To learn more about Poetry Out Loud, click here.  Another exciting event happening on a monthly basis in our community is the OM Center Poetry Slam, emceed by Omaha’s very own poet, Matt Mason.  The winner of a 2013 Pushcart Prize, a 2013 Finalist for Nebraska State Poet, and the final guest of the UNO Writer’s Workshop Reading Series this past fall, Matt has dedicated some of his time to share his passion for poetry at the OM center.  To learn more about Matt Mason, click here. To learn more about the OM Center monthly Poetry Slam, click here.

Getting involved both on and off campus is a great outlet for all those readers and writers out there, so keep it up.  We appreciate seeing so much creativity from our classmates all around the city, and hope to see it continue to bloom.

As we are approaching March 31st submission deadline rapidly, be sure to get your submissions in soon!

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