Photo credit: Jen Landis

Successful Events for Margaret Lukas and Farthest House

Photo credit: Jen Landis

Photo credit: Jen Landis

Last weekend, author Margaret Lukas attended two events that showcased her novel, Farthest House.  On Saturday, February 22nd, she participated in the third annual Author Fair at the W. Dale Clark Public Library downtown.  Over 75 local authors and publishers attended this information-filled and talent-driven event.  In addition to the excitement of Farthest House being debuted by its esteemed novelist, the Author Fair was an educational and enlightening experience, complete with words of wisdom from publishers, bookstore owners, and other various others whose work was exhibited.  Although Omaha has a relatively small literary community compared to other parts of the country, it was truly something special to see how much great work is in our own back yard.  To Margaret and each other the other participants of the Author Fair, thank you for you passion for the written word.

On Sunday, February 23rd, The Bookworm, a local bookstore in Countryside Village, hosted the book signing event for Farthest House.  Both a mother and a Creative Writing instructor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Margaret received support from her family, students, and colleagues, all of whom were excited to share in such a special event with her.  Thus far, her novel seems quite promising, especially according to recent reviews on, one of which stood out among the rest:

“Such a hypnotic story, full of beautiful images and heartbreaking vignettes, Farthest House is a great book for a long weekend of reading”

-L. Lloyd, customer review

To read more of the reviews about Farthest House, click here.  If you would like to get a copy of this novel for yourself or a friend and find out more about Margaret Lukas, visit

We are in our first week of March, and that means the submission deadline for upcoming Issue 3 is in a few short weeks!  Get those submissions in as soon as you can!

-Please note that both photos for this post are credited to Jen Landis-

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