Lisa Sandlin Wins Organization Advisor of the Year!

University of Nebraska at Omaha Writer’s Workshop Chair and beloved faculty advisor for 13th Floor Magazine Lisa Sandlin won Advisor of the Year yesterday at the Student Involvement Awards banquet, which was held at Omaha’s lovely Lauritzen Gardens botanical center. Editor in Chief Kate Bard and Business Manager Kristin Pothast were in attendance as well. We were so pleased that we were able to honor Lisa for her hard work and dedication to both the magazine and all of her students in the workshop. Below are some the things we wrote about her in our nomination letter.


Lisa Sandlin displays her award.

The mission of our organization, as stated in our constitution is as follows: “The purpose of this organization is to gather as a group of individuals with a mutual adoration for written and visual art. As a group, we ask that students from the University of Nebraska at Omaha submit their artwork to be published in our literary magazine.” As faculty advisor to 13th Floor Magazine, Lisa Sandlin continually exemplifies our mission statement in her passion for her students and the development of their creative talent through support, encouragement, and motivation.

Sandlin is a role model to 13th Floor Magazine’s entire staff and body of contributor, especially over the past year and a half that she has been our advisor. From her work as a writer to her professional and organizational advice, she is a nonstop cheerleader for student success. For the members of 13th Floor Magazine, she is an undeniable advocate for our professional development, our individual successes both as students and artists, the success of our magazine as a whole, our mission statement, and our dedication to creating an inclusive art community on UNO’s campus.

As department chair, Sandlin is an extremely busy person, yet she always makes time for us as students and as members of 13th Floor Magazine. Sandlin has taken the time to organize community reading events, including ongoing readings at El Museo Latino and an annual Prose Slam every fall, in collaboration with 13th Floor Magazine. During these events, Sandlin encourages attendees to read, submit to, and support 13th Floor Magazine. She has also created marketing materials for us to use at events, like UNO’s Involvement Fair and Durango Days, to promote the magazine, UNO’s student artists and writers, our staff needs, and the creation of an inclusive art community on our campus. In addition, she has donated to our magazine as a sponsor, attends our staff meetings during her personal time, and attends our issue launch dinners, even when they take place off-campus.


Lisa Sandlin and Kate Bard at the banquet.

Sandlin actively recruits new students to join the 13th Floor Magazine staff, promotes magazine releases and submission deadlines in her own classes, and asks her coworkers and peers to do the same. Not only does Sandlin fully support our goals as students, but she also supports our goals as young professionals. She understands the valuable learning experience students receive when submitting, editing, designing, and creating an inclusive art community with 13th Floor Magazine.

Sandlin’s outstanding dedication to 13th Floor Magazine goes beyond our organization because, at her core, she aims to support her students and their developing creativity. Her encouragement and support stretches past 13th Floor Magazine staff and contributors, to students all across campus. In every conversation she has with our staff, students are left feeling empowered and reminded of the meaning and importance of their work. She is insightful and can often by found asking the tough questions that cause her students to think deeply about their future and their educational experience at UNO. Because of this, we firmly believe that Lisa Sandlin has been absolutely crucial to our success as a new organization on campus. As we move toward the production of our third and fourth issues, we are confident that her leadership, guidance, and support will continue to help us reach our goals and survive and thrive as an organization on UNO’s campus.

Be sure to congratulate Lisa on her much-deserved award!

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