The Submission Deadline and The Fall Reading Series

Fall2014WWRSHello from 13th Floor!  Two weeks of the semester have already concluded, and we hope that your year is kicking off with productivity and classes that peak your interest.  Our staff and contributors are still buzzing with excitement over the release of our latest Issue, which debuted just last week.  Haven’t checked it out yet?  You should do so immediately!  To have your own copy of the Fall Issue, go to and download it onto your Kindle, PC, or smartphone.  The previous Issues are also available, and are equally worth checking out.

Now that we’ve released our Fall Issue, we are eagerly gearing up to prepare our Spring 2015 Issue.  In order to do that, however, we need submissions from all of you and your talented friends.  The deadline to submit for the Spring Issue is Friday, October 31st.  Although many of us have a passion for written craft, like fiction, poetry, non-fiction, essays, etc., we are also craving to feature more visual art.  So, if you’ve got a flare for photography, sculpture, watercolor, comic book illustration, whatever your forte – we want it.  We want the UNO community to have an outlet for their creativity, no matter what that might be.  If you haven’t submitted to us before, see the submission guidelines below.  We’re looking forward to your literary and artistic works, so get them in as soon as you can!

As your focus on your coursework and your submissions, it’s standard practice to take a little breather away from your work every now and again.  We’ve got the perfect solutions for you this semester.  Beginning Wednesday, September 10th, UNO’s college of Communication, Fine Arts, and Media is once again hosting the Writer’s Workshop Fall Reading Series.   It was a blast last year, and looks as though it will be again, especially since it will feature two of UNO’s talented staff members, Margaret Lukas and Cat Dixon.  Throughout this semester, there will be six guest authors presenting their work by doing readings, answering questions from the audience, and after, they’ll be doing book signings.  Next week, you can look forward to novelist Karen Gettert Shoemaker who will be presenting in the Weber Fine Arts Building Art Gallery at 7:30 pm.  An added bonus: these events are free and open to the public!  You can’t beat that, so we’d better see you there.  Make sure to check here for updates on the upcoming presentation throughout the semester.  To find out more about the Reading Series and the authors attending, click here.

Submission Guidelines

  • All files should be in .doc, .docx, or .rtx formats
  • Do not put your name in the document.  Do not put your name in the filename. Please use only the title of your work in the filename.  This is very important to us as we want to maintain a fair and unbiased selection process for each of our submissions.
  • In the body of your e-mail, please include a brief biography.  You can write whatever you’d like, but feel free visit our Meet the Staff page if you need some ideas.  If your submission is chosen for publication, your biography will be included in the magazine as well.  Remember, the biography needs to be in the body of your e-mail, NOT your submitted work.
  • For visual art, sent us pictures of your artwork.  If there is any special information about the art, like the medium, influences, etc., feel free to include that as well.
  • All prose and poetry should be double spaced and in standard fonts Times New Roman or Arial.  
  • Be sure to thoroughly edit your work for spelling and grammar errors so you can represent your best work possible.  If you need editing assistance, don’t hesitate to use campus services like the Writing Center.
  • If you would like more tips on professionally formatting your document, please read Formatting 101 by Marlys Pearson.

E-mail Submission

Once you have professionally prepared your submission, e-mail it to Remember, include your biography in your e-mail!

If You Are an Educator

Please encourage your students to submit their best work. It’s a great way to get experience submitting professionally, and may result in publishing credits! Your help is crucial to making our campus magazine a success!


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