Calling All Screenwriters!

NYC Midnight has announced their 13th annual screenwriting challenge, open to writers all around the world!

There are 3 rounds involved:

Round One (April 29th-May 3rd) will consist of randomly generated groups according to genre, subject, and character assignments. Writers will have eight days to write an original script up to 12 pages maximum. Judges will then choose the top five to move on to the next round.

Round Two (June 23rd-26th) will give writers three days to write a script up to an eight page maximum. Judges will again pick their top five favorites who will advance to the final round.

Here’s where things get interesting. The final round (July 29th/30th) will challenge writers to write a five page script in just 24 hours. Judges will review the last round of contestants and the winners will be awarded thousands in cash and prizes.

Since the new arrival of the screenwriting track in UNO’s Creative Writing program, what better way practice and hone your skills!

To register, or for examples of past submissions, go to 

To learn more about NYC Midnight and their other projects, check out their Facebook

Don’t doddle too much though, the deadline for registration is March 24th! Take a chance and challenge yourself with this unique and fun opportunity. Happy Writing!

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