3 Ways Photography Can Assist Your Writing

Happy Friday, writers!

Does it feel like you’ve read all of the books you can read? Like you’ve exhausted all of your music playlists? Pages still bare? You might be tempted to break that pencil in half. But wait — spare that number two Ticonderoga! We’ve got some ways that photography can pull you out of a writing slump. penandpaper

1. Create your own photography catalogue. Maybe you’ve got the right coffee shop in mind for your character’s next meeting. You’ve described everything, down to the old coffee beans stuck in the booth seats. Try creating a Pinterest board of just coffee shops, noting the distinct features of those that you like. You can also do simple Google searches for images to peruse. Save these images and compile them into one place, like a Word document or a folder on your computer. Now, when you need new things to describe, you can just browse your personal inspiration collection.

2. Write a passage using just one photo. Perhaps you’re having trouble envisioning your setting entirely. This would be a good opportunity to search for a photo (say, of a coffee shop) and write only using this photo. As you write, don’t hesitate to take peeks at the photo. Set a time for yourself and don’t stop writing until time is up. In this way, you are using the photograph as a visual prompt. Let your mind wander. Allow the photograph to bring new ideas to your mind and, as always, write them all down.

3. Take photography of your own. If searching for images on your phone or computer doesn’t work, getting out into the real world is an easy way to welcome in your creative spirit. The world is a vivacious and vibrant place. Try capturing that wonder to enrich your own writing.

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