Awkward Is Just Another Word For Not Wanting To Admit You Do It Too

Lesbian Sex Haikus (With Cats!) is a collaborative collection of poetry and art by freelance writer Anna Pulley and artist Kelsey Beyer. Pulley has written about sex and relationships in such publications as Rumpus, Salon, New York Magazine, and the Toast— among many others. In her off-time as a freelance artist and print maker, Beyers has been a long time figure model, and a longer time lover of nudity, taking part in the protest against the nudity ban in San Fransisco.


The tumblr_o5m9qgawfU1qh0og4o1_1280pair visited Omaha to promote the book, which included: visiting classes on UNO’s campus, letting you “check them out” for questions in the library, and holding a talk on sex communication and boundaries in the student center.

As if that wasn’t wonderful enough, they also held a reading in Benson’s Barley Street Tavern. The content was as quirky and charming as the girls themselves. The book is not only a humorous look at what lies beneath the sheets of lesbian couples (because yeah, there is a lot of that mentioned, of course), but it’s also a look into the rituals of dating in general— both short and long term— while taking the time to laugh at the stereotypes that come with all of it.

In a time and a culture that can watch a man in a red mask explode three skulls with a single bullet and not bat an eye, but cringes at the sight of genitalia we need to remind ourselves what should be considered more acceptable to talk about. (No disrespect to Deadpool, it was fantastic and I cannot wait for the sequel)

Sex is natural, sex is personal, sex can be awkward— so let’s laugh about it (with cats).

The book’s will be out on April 16th but is available for pre-order on Pulley’s website.

To see more work from Kelsey, visit her site.

To learn more about the SanFran Nudity Ban read this.


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