If You Give a Book a Playlist

It will want song suggestions for its sequel.

One of my favorite parts of watching a book to film adaptation is experiencing the soundtrack that’s been paired with it. It’s amazing how a song can capture a scene— a mood— so perfectly.

But not all books have film incarnations, and therefore lack the soundtrack counterpart. How unfair is that?

While reading Palahniuk’s, Damned, I heard the girl power ’80s jams full on in my mind as I flipped the pages of the Breakfast Club in Hell.  I began to think, would one be able to understand a book’s plot by a simple playlist of songs? Would someone be able to feel what I felt when I read through it?

So obviously I had to try it.

The track list includes:

An ode to the rocker and his footwear.

A guess at one of the Beauty’s favorite songs.

A reminder to the Psycho, and to the readers that relate.

A song for that intimate moment between a severed head and a giant lady (can you guess which track? The clues are in there ;3)

And, of course I had to throw in a personalized track by the big D, himself.

However, I couldn’t find a track to hit the sweet spot when it came to chocolate, since it does play an interesting role in the story after all.  Any suggestions?

If you could give a book a playlist what book would you choose? 

Share your playlists either on Spotify or create them on Youtube and send ’em right over to our Facebook and we’ll feature your tracks! It’s the beginning musical book club, if you will. 



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