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17_350x350_Front_Color-NASupport the magazine by showing your love! We are very excited to announce that we have merchandise available for purchase through our Cafepress Web Shop. Get tees for the family (including the furry family and the little humans), coffee mugs, buttons, and totes! All proceeds will go towards the magazine.

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Spring 2016 Print Issue Now Available


Mockup_SP2016Spring 2016 Print Issue – $22.00

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Contains 6 short fiction pieces, including:
“The Deer Skull” by Iona Newman
“His Azaleas” by Larry Leeds
“Violent Calm” by Morgann Freeman

5 nonfiction pieces:
“Letter From An Omnicient Racist” by Juan Zapata
“Unromanticized” by Madison Larimore
“A Ghost or the Breath That Hangs Upon the Cold Airwaves of Winter” by Matthew Terry
“The Neighbor” by Marci Schur
“Open Valve” by J. Rose

A short play:
“The Manifestation of Human Existence” by Britta Tollefsrud

As well as 26 poems, 18 original works of art from 9 incredible artists, and an introductory piece by promotions editor and new Editor-in-Chief Kellie Hayden.

James T. Johnson, Editor-in-Chief; Kristin Pothast, Business Manager; Kelsey Bee, Lead Creative Editor; Kellie Hayden, Promotions Editor; Mystery Harwood, Creative and Copy Editor; Eric Moses, Creative and Copy Editor; Phillip Brown, Creative and Copy Editor; Alec McMullen, Creative and Copy Editor; Lexa Benner, Creative and Copy Editor; Lindsey Knipe, Creative and Copy Editor; Jayme Hookstra, Creative and Copy Editor; Elizabeth Lockin, Creative and Copy Editor; Sophie Clark, Creative and Copy Editor; Maggie Fey, Creative and Copy Editor; Mary Russell, Copy Editor; Cece Abbey, Creative Editor

13th Floor Magazine is a nonprofit organization registered with the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Royalties from all sales go solely to the publication of future issues.

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Spring 2016 Ebook Issue – $4.99

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Read the ebook version of the magazine in the free Kindle app on all of your devices: smart phone, laptop, desktop computer, and tablet.

New Release: Fall 2015 Issue

Fall 2015 Print Edition

Fall 2015 Print Edition

Our Fall 2015 issue is now available! Hurray! We are especially excited because this is the first issue we are offering in both an ebook and print format. The print book is a full color interior to show off all of the amazing art we published this semester, which includes the beautiful full color cover image by Molly Shirazi.

The print edition is $22.00 and can be purchased directly from our publisher Createspace (with higher royalty returns for us) here, or through Amazon here.

The ebook edition is $4.99 as always, and can be purchased through Amazon here.

We will also be attending various on-campus events such as the Writer’s Workshop Reading Series at UNO, and you can purchase the magazine in person there.

Fall 2015 Ebook Edition

Fall 2015 Ebook Edition

All of our ebook issues are available for FREE the first week of each semester, with the current promotion running August 24-28, 2015. Be sure to get all of your copies while you can, and remember that the proceeds for any magazine sale go toward future issues. We are an entirely student-run, nonprofit organization funded by magazine sales and sponsorships.