Q: What are the boundaries for the subject matter of the stories you will be accepting for publication?

A: We are as inclusive as possible and do not discriminate against genre or format. In fact, we encourage experimentation and creativity in all its forms. We are open to many different situations and approaches to telling a story. As long as your piece demonstrates literary quality (meaning, it has character development, plot, setting, tension, conflict, other literary elements, metaphor, simile, etc.), then we will likely consider it for the magazine. We do not, however, publish gratuitous sex, violence, or profanity, nor do we publish material that intentionally exhibits or supports discrimination of any kind. If the violence in your piece is more for show, we as writers ourselves will recognize that and consider it part of the art. However, if violence, profanity, or sexual situations are extreme or unnecessarily vivid with no addition to the story, we probably will disqualify it. We would love to see these things handled with maturity and used in a way that accentuates your unique talent as a writer.

Q: Do you have to be a Writer’s Workshop student to submit or join the team?

A: No! We encourage any UNO student who has a knack for writing or art to submit their work, regardless of what they’re studying.

Q: Do you have to be a UNO student to submit work?

A: Yes. As UNO’s literary magazine, submissions are limited to works from current students and alumni of the university.

Q: When is your deadline?

A: The Fall deadline is on October 31st to be considered for the Spring issue. The Spring deadline is on March 31st to be considered for the Fall issue.

Q: Do you accept simultaneous submissions?

A: We do accept simultaneous submissions, but, if your work is accepted elsewhere first, please let us know via email so we know to withdraw your submission.

Q: Do you accept previously published work?

A: We prefer to publish work that has never been published before, but, if you do submit work that has been previously published, please make sure to specify where it has been published.

Q: What does a copy editor do on 13th Floor versus a creative editor?

A: A copy editor checks our accepted submissions for grammatical and punctuation errors, whereas a creative editor helps us in the selection process for what content to accept into the magazine. Most members of the team are both creative and copy editors. Neither position creates content for the magazine, but rather helps curate and perfect the content that is sent to us for consideration.

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