Autumn 2013

Our Autumn 2013 Issue is now available!

ColorCoverThe first issue of 13th Floor Magazine showcases the diversity and talent that that the students of University of Nebraska at Omaha’s writers and poets have to offer. It is a steal at $4.99, so get your copy today!

7 short fiction pieces, including:
“Nineteen Love Letters” by Noah Diaz
“Washington’s Captaincy” by Matthias Jeske
“Wedding Reception Noir” by Andy Oerman

3 non-fiction pieces, including:
“Just Ride it Out” by Niki Holzapfel
“First Communion” by Michaela Wolf
“An Angel’s Touch” by Callie Rietfors

As well as 11 stunning poems and an introductory piece by acclaimed author and University of Nebraska at Omaha Writer’s Workshop faculty chair Lisa Sandlin.

13th Floor Magazine is an ebook available exclusively on Amazon. If you don’t have a kindle ereader, you can get Amazon’s FREE Kindle app for your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or home PC. Visit Amazon to learn more.

Tell your friends, tell your family, tweet about it #13thfloormagazine, and share it on Facebook. This is YOUR magazine, for YOUR art community. And don’t forget to submit your work for Issue #2 to

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