Spring 2014

Our Spring 2014 Issue is now available!

sidebarwidgetWe received a lot of amazing submissions for this round, and we are very excited to showcase the talented writers we have at University of Nebraska at Omaha. Spring 2014, our sec ond issue, is now available just in time for the start of the Spring semester. It is a steal at $4.99, so get your copy today!

13th Floor Magazine, University of Nebraska at Omaha’s only literary magazine, is aimed at connecting the campus and community through the power of storytelling. Through our innovative use of the online platform, we create a biannual ebook of locally-produced short stories, poetry, creative non-fiction, micro prose, photography, and art. 13th Floor Magazine believes in the equalizing power of communicating stories from our everyday, and we are committed to sharing a diverse portfolio of Omaha talent by means that makes us accessible beyond the boundaries of our city. We believe that by acting as a vessel between our community and the world, our local writers and artists can set for themselves a place at the table of national and international art and culture. The second issue of 13th Floor Magazine showcases the diversity and talent that that the students of University of Nebraska at Omaha’s writers and poets have to offer. 


4 short fiction pieces, including:
The French Lesson by Andy Oerman
STOP by Andrew Dinsmoor
Paris 1946 by Justin Powell

5 non-fiction pieces, including:
Give a Cheer for All the Broken by Bridgit Pollpeter
My Father’s House by Stephanie Clearly
I Don’t Hate You, I Just Can’t Stand You by Stacey Coleman

4 original artworks, including:
Tim by Rachel Cunningham
Buttons by Gerardo Vazquez
Abandonment by Gerardo Vazquez

As well as 10 stunning poems and an introductory piece by Promotions Editor Alexandria Hodge.

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