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It’s Almost Heeeeeeeere

That’s right, the deadline for the Spring edition is right around the corner!

Submitting things can be scary, whether it’s the first or four hundredth time you do it. The staff of 13th Floor would like to remind everyone that whether or not your works ends up in the edition, you will hear from us. We won’t leave you alone in the dark for all the spooks and negative thoughts to get’cha, promise.

Send your treats to by October 31st!

Whether it be photography, art, poetry, non-fiction, fiction, scripts, or ravings of a madman, we’ll gobble them all!

Guidelines for submissions and frequently asked questions can be found on our site.

Don’t fear the deadline, writers!

Fall 2016 Edition and eBook On Sale!


Hello, 13th Floor here and we’ve got a deal for you!

Our new edition is finally ready and we’ve got not just one cover but TWO!

That’s right, folks, we loved the art that was submitted so much that we just couldn’t decide!

We’ve got the Nerd cover by Courtney Kenny Porto and Foresight by Cangshu Gran.




If eBooks are more your style, then you’re in luck! This edition and all back ordered editions are FREE to download the week of August 22-26th.

Both versions, along with all eBooks  will be available starting today at our shop. All purchases go to furthering publication, so as always we want to thank you for your continued support.


We will also have a special surprise coming up concerning this issue, so keep your eyes peeled for details on that coming soon!


Interwoven Reading Series

Featured Image: UNO Gateway

On March 9th, 13th Floor Magazine and the UNO Bookstore invite you to join them in the Durham Science Hall’s Mallory Kountze Planetarium for the next installment of the Interwoven Reading Series. Doors open at 3:30PM, and the readings begin at 4:00PM. Our university’s very own published authors D.S. Hudson, Kelsey Bee, and Michelle Lyles will present their selected works. Indulge yourself in local, creative minds as we give these authors a platform to present their works to a public audience.

Mockup_SP2016Inside the Planetarium, the audience will experience some of what the Planetarium has to offer visually, while listening to well-voiced authors. We look forward to filling the room and will have complimentary snacks for all guests! We can’t wait to see you there, and our authors cannot wait to perform their work for you.

Issue #2 to Release January 13th


We received a lot of amazing submissions for this round, and we are very excited to showcase the talented writers we have at University of Nebraska at Omaha. Issue 2, our Spring 2014 issue, will be released January 13th just in time for the start of the Spring semester. The beautiful cover image is by our resident photographer Chelsey Risney and sets the mood for spring perfectly.

You can get yours for FREE during the first week of classes, January 13th-17th, from Amazon. After January 17th, the magazine will be $4.99.

13th Floor Magazine is an ebook format magazine for the Amazon Kindle ereader, which is also available as a free application for your computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Learn more about the free Kindle reading application here.

Don’t wait, start getting your submissions for Fall 2014 ready now!

Submission Format

  • Files should be in the following formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf
  • Do not put your name anywhere in the documentDo not put your name in the filename. Use the title of your work in the filename only. We read blind, so that our editors do not know the name of the submitter and our selection process is fair and unbiased.
  • Include a brief bio in the body of your email (NOT in your submission document file). How you write your bio is up to you, but you can look at our Meet The Staff page to get some ideas. If your submission is accepted for publication, your bio will be included in the magazine.
  • All prose and poetry should be double spaced and in a standard font such as Times New Roman or Arial.
  • Ensure your submission has been thoroughly edited for spelling and grammar so that it represents your best work possible. Remember, you can use campus services like the Writing Center.
  • For more tips on professionally formatting your document, please read Formatting 101 by Marlys Pearson.

Email Submission

Once you have professionally prepared your submission, email it to Don’t forget to include your bio in the body of your email!

If You Are an Educator

Please encourage your students to submit their best work. It’s a great way to get experience submitting professionally, and may result in publishing credits! Your help is crucial to making our campus magazine a success!

You can still get your copy of 13th Floor Magazine Issue 1 on for $9.99. The proceeds for all sales go directly toward making future issues more awesome!13th Floor Magazine is an ebook available exclusively on Amazon. If you don’t have a kindle ereader, you can get Amazon’s FREE Kindle app for your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or home PC. Visit Amazon to learn more.
Good Luck!

In The News: 13th Floor Magazine Wraps Second Round of Submissions

13th Floor Magazine wraps second round of submissions, plans for future

By Hannah Gill, Contributor

Published: Tuesday, November 19, 2013  in Gateway

The second round of submissions is in and 13th Floor Magazine has begun the editing process.

“We are always trying something new,” Kate Bard, managing editor, said. “We are a budding student art magazine, and we’re just trying to figure everything out as we go.”

The editing process has been changed this year. Instead of one month for editing over a Google Doc open comments forum for editors, Lead Editor Jared Newman has decided to streamline the process. There will be two weeks of editing to select pieces for inclusion and two weeks for copy editing. A minimum of two editors will look at each piece and make recommendations to Newman.

“It was more about having separate opinions and not a debate,” Newman said.

Last year’s process lead to a lot of agreeing and less commentary, Newman shared, and concerns about editors being swayed by other comments before reading the piece, Bard said.
13th Floor Magazine has also decided to create fall and spring issues instead of just one.

“This issue we are working with is a smaller time frame, so we created a production schedule that’s tight and leaves very little room to mess around,” Bard said.

The magazine received 53 total submissions, 26 poems and 27 prose pieces.

“The fact is we got more submission,” Newman said, “I was glad for that because it means we might be gaining momentum.”

They have extended the deadline for art submissions with the hope more will come in. 13th Floor wants to be inclusive of the entire art community at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. For their submissions guidelines, visit the website at

The first volume of 13th Floor Magazine distributed 100 copies, 96 of these free copies from the first promotional week. It is still available on Amazon, at 79 Kindle pages, for $4.99, and has three five-stars ratings.

13th Floor Magazine has another goal this year beyond publication.

“It is a personal goal of mine, and the rest of 13th Floor Magazine’s founding staff, to see this magazine thrive beyond our time and efforts,” Bard said. “We are working to find people who are as passionate as we are about creating an art community on UNO’s campus and to convince them to join our team.”

As the original staff, including Newman and Bard, graduate, they are looking to fill editing positions and continue the magazine’s legacy.

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